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Why Which Distributor?

We are living in a world where many entrepreneurs are creating and developing new products with a goal to develop a Brand with global distribution for their products.

Creating a successful Global presence can be quite a journey. Typically, you go through the motions of setting up a company, sourcing your supply chain, organising your logistics set up, hiring your staff, creating your website and branding and then finally begin selling your products via an array of channels depending on your strategy, from eCommerce to retail etc. normally in your local market.

Once you have proof of concept locally and you become profitable and start to see growth the next step in many cases is to scale the business and think about taking your product overseas to export markets.

By this stage, you may well have had some international enquiries and may even be selling product overseas.

In most cases the natural choice will be to source and secure international Distributors in each territory to manage and grow your brand.

At this stage, there are many new questions which you need to answer such as; Which countries you will target first? Which trade distribution channel should you use?  Which brand connection do you need?  What will be the minimum capital investment for a distributor? Will you sell in full container loads? Will you provide a local website, if so will you provide translations of the site? You need to think about translating product manuals, labels, POS materials, regulatory documents etc. Will you source exclusive territory wide distributors, will they have a sales team, show room, attend trade exhibitions locally, are they active in Social Media, do they have a marketing department, are they active in online marketing, do they have trainers and arrange trainings.

It is so important that a distributor represents your brand in the right way in export markets, after all this is your baby and if your brand isn’t being replicated the same way in export countries due to a poor distributor that doesn’t share your brand values and vision then it could ultimately do more damage in the long term for your brand.

So how do you find a Distributor?

First thing you do is probably hire a full-time export manager. You start to think about how to target new territories. Begin to look at relevant trade shows, seminars, networking events, conferences. This can be very expensive international trade fairs and exhibitions especially can cost a small fortune, not only do you need to create an impactful exhibition stand but if you want to make a noise and be seen you must be situated in a position where there is good footfall, have a great space and your branding must be on point. You will need to freight your products overseas, set up and break down the stand, hire staff, pay for travel and accommodation, advertise, create POS materials etc. this can easily run in to the tens of thousands of pounds, euros or dollars and worse of all there are no guarantees that you will even secure a distributor.

This is where Which Distributor comes in to play.

Our platform has an ever-expanding database of good solid distributors with capital investment available that are looking for great brands to add to their existing portfolio.

By registering as a brand with Which Distributor, you will be matched with distributors in your industry and in your target territories that have the required capital investment to be your ideal partner.

By registering as a distributor with Which Distributor you will be matched with the right brands looking for distributors. You will be able to expand your company’s brand portfolio to your existing customers and attract new customers with new exciting brands in your territory.

This is a no brainer. There are no costs involved and no hidden costs either! You will receive suggested matches and will have full access to distributors’ profiles when both parties agree to a match.


Our mission at Which Distributor is to use our platform to give all Brands the same opportunity to grow to export markets across the globe!


For all Brands, regardless of size or industry to use Which Distributor platform as the go-to place to connect and grow their Brands to new target markets.

Core Values

Safe and Secure

To offer a safe, secure platform for both Brands and Distributors.

Due Diligence

To ensure ALL Brands and Distributors registered on the platform are vetted by our Which Distributor verification specialists.

Listen, Learn

To take feedback from our valued Brands and Distributors and implement developments as and when they are needed.

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